Does this count as synesthesia?

A few weeks ago I was getting a massage.  It was great; I was getting to nerd out about muscles and joints and all sorts of physiology when it came time for me to flip over so my back could be worked on.  She was working on my lower back and Lats when all of a sudden it was like I could see my body through my massage therapist’s eyes.  I could see her hands, I could see my back, but I could also see right through my back and as she was unwinding the muscle there were colors coming out of the muscle.

I couldn’t help myself and said out loud, “That’s like a sunset!” Which instantly made me feel kind of silly, but it was true!  I elaborated, “I’m seeing all kinds of colors as you do that – lots of blues and greens and oranges.”

“That’s nice,” she says, “Those are nice colors.” She moved from my left side to my right side, working the same area.  I tried to relax and not try and see anything from this side, but it wasn’t working.  Finally I let go and my right side started emitting all sorts of purples, from light lavenders to deep royal purples.  I loved it!

“That side is full of purples!” I said, excitedly. She moved back to my left side, but to a different area. It sputtered a few short bursts and then, wham.  My whole body went blue and I was taken back to a dream I’d had 7 or 8 years ago:

I was dreaming that I was sleeping in my bed.  I could see myself all twisted up in my sheets, and then I woke up.  I unwound myself and got out of bed.  Looking down I could see that the sheets had left marks on my skin but they weren’t the usual crinkles left from fabric being impressed, rather they were filled in with indigo like my body was a batik print. I found this a little concerning.

Where did the blue come from since my sheets are white?  As I was looking at it, the blue slowly was spreading out across my skin, like the indigo dye was bleeding across my skin from some unknown source.  

I walked out into my living room, a small but bright space, and looked down again hoping to see something different in the new light.  My whole body was now completely blue, not the indigo I had started with but blue like the color of the medicine buddha. I was panicking a little as I also saw that I was covered all over with tattoos of hamsas. I ran next door to my best friends’ apartment and begged them to help me, but they said no.

And that was it.  Nothing huge, just turning blue!

medicine buddha


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