I’m not a writer but I find dreams fascinating and I feel like I have to share the strange things I see while I’m sleeping.  Mine are vivid and detailed.  For many years I was not myself, only other people in my dreams – like I was experiencing someone else’s life from inside their bodies and behind their eyes.  Other dreams I am an observer – kind of like watching a movie instead of experiencing a dream, but I experience all of the emotion of the dream in first person.  I don’t lucid dream, but I am often aware of the fact that I’m dreaming.  I usually start trying to think through what’s happening in the dream which ends up waking me up as my brain tries to engage.

I don’t usually have conversations or even words exchanged in dreams, although it does happen rarely.  Most of the time any knowledge exchange is done through some kind of telepathy or strong emotional feeling in the dream.  It’s almost like the emotions are palpable in the dream like a smell.  I wonder if this is because that’s how I think best in real life – emotions.  Finding the proper or correct word for communicating the complex recipe of emotion I’m feeling along with the information I want to convey is difficult for me. Although it doesn’t keep me from trying or from talking all the time.

I haven’t ever had a truly recurring dream, but I do have recurring themes.  I often dream of the water – it can take any and all forms although I don’t know if I’ve ever dreamed of rain.  I also have had many dreams where I’ve been pregnant even though I have never been pregnant in real life.  I think of these as my form of anxiety dream.  I don’t dream of being at school with no clothes on or that I didn’t do my homework.  I dream I’m months pregnant, or that I’m in the middle of a home birth, or that I have a baby currently but I can’t remember where I left it – those are the worst.  I guess that’s what happens when I’m worrying about responsibility.

I’d love to know if people who think most easily in words find themselves having a lot of verbal exchange in dreams or if they are a more kinesthetic person, perhaps they are always doing intense activities in their dreams.